Module "Appointments"


There is a complete overview of all activities of the employees or external contractors in this module. Time sheets for work on projects generates an overview of the appointments of a person. A calendar view (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) helps organise working in team. Automatic reminder per e-mail notifies about coming events.

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Module "Appointments"


The VisionR module "Appointments" is used to organise and plan activities of employees, external contractors and working teams. There are calender views (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) showing the description and duration of assigned tasks. Personal appointments can be viewed together with project task assignments. There are sum views of working hours ordered by person, project, project task etc. Personal and company day-offs can be added to a set of official holidays.

Functional overview

  • organisation and planning of activities
  • task assignment for employees, external contractors and teams
  • task delegation on absence
  • calendar views (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • personal and company appointments
  • e-mail reminder
  • sum overview of working hours by person, project, project task etc.
  • editable list of holidays

Technical details

  • all appointment properties can be adjusted to the customer's needs
  • layout changes are possible
  • automatically generated e-mails on status changes (status tracking)
  • complete internationalisation

User roles

  • Employee
    can change their own appointments
  • Representative
    can change appointment data for delegated tasks
  • Project administrator
    can change project assignments
  • Administrator
    can change all appointments


  • Task assignment reports as e-mail notification
  • Interface to other calendar software (e.g. Microsoft Outlook)

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