Module "Biddings"


This module helps manage product or task specifications. A hierarchical structure of specification positions describes a product or service, which is to be ordered. Multiple offers from different vendors are bound to the defined specification. A cost overview of the offers helps decide what to order.

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Module "Biddings"


The VisionR module "Biddings" is used to manage specifications and offers. Specifications and offers are structured in positions. Positions have a hierarchical structure of subpositions. One or more offers from vendors can be attached to a specification. Specifications can be used to describe services or products, which are to be acquired and comparing of offers is used to determine the best bidder in terms of price and performance. Offers are directly linked to invoices. Prices and amounts of offering positions are visible on creating an invoice. Specifications and offers can be attached to contracts (e.g. maintenance contracts, cleaning contracts). Scanned documents can be attached to specifications and offers. Standard interfaces can be used to import customer specifications and vendor offers.

Functional overview

  • management of specifications and offers
  • multiple offers can be attached to a specification
  • hierarchically structured positions (subpositions)
  • specifications are used to describe services and products
  • used to determine the best bidder

Technical details

  • all specification, offer and position properties can be adjusted to the customer's needs
  • layout changes are possible
  • automatically generated e-mails on status changes (status tracking)
  • complete internationalisation
  • interfaces to existing databases with specifications and offers
  • interfaces for importing specifications and offers as XML

User roles

  • Specifications administrator
    can change specification data
  • Offerings administrator
    can change offering data
  • Vendor
    has online access to a specification;
    can create a new offer and fill out the positions
  • Administrator
    can change all specification and offering data


  • Specifications and offers can be linked with invoices
  • Link to contracts (e.g. maintenance contracts, cleaning contracts)

References to other VisionR modules

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