Module "Spaces"


Allows management of real estate properties. Details such as real estate size, location, staff, etc. are managed by this module. Workplace and space management are combined with management of rented areas. Binding real estates data to contracts, inventory and budgets helps optimise the usage of buildings.

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Module "Spaces"


The VisionR module "Spaces" is used to manage real estates properties, buildings, spaces and workplaces. Real estate entities are structured in a hierarchical view of "Country > Location > Building > Floor > Space > Workplace". Image galleries or drawings from the VisionR module "Graphics" provide visualisation of the managed spaces entities. There is a predefined structure of space types providing extensive reporting on space costs. There is an overview of space and workplace capacities and occupation. Inventory items, people, companies and contracts are visible in the real estate overview. Database definitions for building elements (walls, floors, doors, windows etc.) allow detailed description of buildings and spaces. Notifications on space changes help status tracking. There is an archive of space data changes.

Functional overview

  • management of real estate properties
  • buildings, spaces, workplaces
  • hierarchical view:
    "Country > Location > Building > Floor > Space > Workplace"
  • building elements attached to spaces: walls, floors, windows, doors etc.
  • capacity and occupation reports
  • management in many countries and locations
  • extendable structure of space types for better reporting on costs
  • archive of space data changes
  • better capacity planning on reconstruction activities
  • attachment of image galleries and vector graphics
  • spaces and workplaces are linked with inventory items, people and companies

Technical details

  • all building, space and workplace properties can be adjusted to the customer's needs
  • layout changes are possible
  • automatically generated e-mails on status changes (status tracking)
  • complete internationalisation
  • interfaces to existing real estate databases for locations, buildings, spaces and workplaces
  • interfaces to third party graphical systems (e.g. AutoCad, Aperture)

User roles

  • Normal user
    has read access to predefined sets of countries, locations, buildings or spaces
  • Location administrator
    can change all data for predefined set of locations
  • Building administrator
    can change all data for predefined set of buildings
  • Space administrator
    can change all data for predefined set of spaces
  • Workplace administrator
    can change all data for predefined set of workplaces
  • Administrator
    can change all real estate data


  • Occupation reports as e-mail notification
  • Link to maintenance, cleaning and leasing contracts
  • Link to helpdesk for small orders and repairs
  • Link to move workflows for moving employees

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