Starting VisionR 6 instances

There are two ways to start the VisionR server – in production or development mode.

Production Mode

Production mode requires that you have built and have a working image of VisionR instance.

Development Mode

In development mode the following command is used for running: vrs run

Note: You need to have a properly setup visionr.json in the directory to run!

After the server gets started, you can easily connect to it with the vr client.

Once connected, an interactive REPL JS-compatible prompt awaits your commands. The vrs app will be running as a client app and you will get all messages from it. You can also connect vr  to remote host and interact with it or run an application against it.

Forms development

You can enable VisionR forms hotloading while developing apps by starting the visionr-dev project with npm start. It will automatically monitor and process changes made to current dev working trees.