Company development

Plan-Vision consistently supports innovation. It evolves together with its primary product - VisionR. Plan-Vision is open for new business partnerships.

Plan-Vision's main location is in Munich, Germany.

There is a second location in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

Plan-Vision concentrates it's resources in developing the platform VisionR and a number of modules in it.


A timeline of the company's development shows the stages of evolvement of the VisionR software:

2001first concept for the VisionR Systemfirst VisionR prototype
2003first VisionR development team
establishing of "Plan-Vision" in Munich, mainly consulting projects
VisionR version 0.1
2004beginning of the VisionR development in Java
2006first installation in a productive environment
2007VisionR Version 1.0
20084 functioning VisionR modules
fist demo version of a webbased Graphics module for Web-CAD and Web-CAFM
200924 functioning VisionR modules
2010VisionR Version 2.0
2011VisionR goes online as a service (SaaS)
2012VisionR Version 2.1
2013VisionR Version 3.1
first productive Version of the VisionR module "Graphics" as a Web-CAD and Web-CAFM solution
establishing Plan-Vision GmbH in Germany
until nowconcepts and realisation of new VisionR modules
establishing VisionR partner network

Our employees have extensive experience in long-term activities in the field of software consulting, software development and system adoption due to participation in software projects in many different areas:

  • relational databases

  • online systems

  • software for Real Estate and Facility Management

  • GIS

  • CAD

  • Networking