Why VisionR®?

 Why VisionR®?

VisionR is a next generation enterprise data management system. It is completely web oriented and scales to your needs. It can be used by small as well as large companies to better organize, plan and optimize their company resources.

There are thousands of solutions in the world of data management. This makes the choice of an adequate system extremely difficult.

Plan-Vision has developed in the last ten years a platform independent solution named "VisionR", based on many innovations in the software usability and flexibility.


Here are some features of VisionR Server, which may inspire your company to consider the purchase of this state-of-the-art technology and maybe even replace legacy software, if you still have problems managing your data:

  • Cost saving through centralized licensing model
  • Enables company wide data exchange - role-based user management enabling access management on row level
  • Managing enormous data quantities without performance losses
  • Easy connection to existing data sources - standard interfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Instant deployment:
    • no client installations
    • automated login through Active Directory
  • Easy to extend with additional modules
  • Delivered with a number of integrated features, such as:
    • integrated document management
    • e-mail
    • system libraries
    • scheduler
    • interactive reporting
  • Fast and low cost customizing in the live-system
  • 100% web based - implements open standards, has an easily adaptable application layout
  • Platform independent for:
    • OS used (Windows or Linux)
    • database (almost any RDBMS)
    • client (almost any browser)
  • Completely international - not only in the definitions, but also on data-input level