Plan-Vision offers customization services for it’s customers and partners. The offered assistance includes services like adding new object definitions, describing specific work flows, creating new application masks and much more.

Module customization

The standard installation of VisionR offers predefined sets of data objects, displayed in module specific masks. Data objects can be displayed or hidden according to the customer’s needs. On buying and installing a VisionR module, references to object definitions from other modules may need to be displayed. This doesn’t necessarily mean including new modules in the obtained license. Only the customization costs are relevant in such cases.

Object definitions

The standard object definitions included in the VisionR modules can be extended according to the customer’s needs. Adjusting the standard definitions by adding or hiding of data object properties is normally part of the initial customization. Small changes of the object definitions, made later in the live system, are mostly subject to the terms described in a software maintenance contract. Bigger changes to the data model are accompanied by customization fees.


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Custom masks

The standard installation of VisionR includes a predefined set of module masks (forms, overviews, administration masks). Creating new masks or modifying the existing ones are parts of the customization process. Such changes can be easily implemented either on installing VisionR or later in the live system.

Custom workflows

When the standard module definitions are not enough to describe a specific customer’s workflow, specific definitions can be implemented as part of the initial customization process. Adding new workflow descriptions in the live system can be performed either by an administrator on the customer’s side or by Plan-Vision or one of it’s partners.

Custom interfaces

Plan-Vision offers implementation services for interface programming, when data exchange issues between VisionR and third party software can not be solved, using the standard VisionR interfaces.