Company philosophy

We believe in innovation. It is not just a word, nice to put on a web site. Innovation comes from experience. It's always worth it trying out new ideas, despite all the difficulties. The development of internet as major communication tool has a deep impact on the society and the modern way of doing business. Internet has set new standards for usability and functionality of software applications. We strive to develop sustainable software solutions according to these new requirements.

For many years now we have been following and analysing the development of computer technologies on the market. There are both many success stories as well as many examples for project failures. And we are constantly learning from those examples.

We consider an extensive knowledge of the trends in software technologies as one of the main requirements for offering sustainable solutions. We think that a good solution successfully combines both the user expectations, which sometimes exceed the technological possibilities, and the implementation of efficient technologies. Those technologies should not only be state-of-the-art but also extensible and able to evolve with the general technological development.

Exaggerated user expectations are often caused by regarding computers as "thinking machines" or by the misconception that there is probably already a standard solution since "there are so many things on the market". Some people also believe that a software solves all problems automatically like a magic wand. Such cases inevitably end up in disappointment.

Only one thing, i.e. competent consulting at an early stage, could help in such a situation. Therefore a customer should obtain an overview of the current technological possibilities as well as of future trends.

In failed projects one can always hear sentences such as "Of course we can do that!" at the beginning and "That is technically impossible!" at the end. Our company endeavours to offer functioning solutions. And therefore we always inform our customers that one can do practically everything in software development, but additional complexity also means additional costs.


Internet has evolved as the major communication tool in modern society. Software applications are no longer a reserved domain for the desktop environment. Online applications have set new standards for software usability and functionality. The World Wide Web has a deep impact on the way of doing business.

Our software solutions

In developing our software platform "VisionR", we have set from the beginning on the internet technologies. Database solutions, providing access to all kinds of company data, are no longer affordable only for large enterprises. Small companies should also empower their business with databases.

The online applications we develop provide not only the functionalities of desktop programs, but also make use of the communication and mobility advantages of networking.


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