What’s new?

 What's new?

The new version of VisionR introduces improvements in the usability of the software in general and in the functionalities of the modules.
Cache improvements

The new version of VisionR introduces significant performance improvements. The built-in multi-layer caching mechanism provides stability and shorter query times. One of the main advantages of the VisionR system is to provide a complete overview including data from different data objects.

Data visualisation

VisionR introduces new data views including: hierarchy tree view, paged image view, tile image view. In this way data is represented additionally showing icons, images and documents, which are linked to the viewed objects.

Data highlighting

All data views in VisionR, including the table overview, the new paged and the tiled image view offer highlighting options. Color highlighting can be easily defined as a condition. This new mechanism together with the extended search options helps to emphasize important data (contract, due to be cancelled; due payments etc.).

Data paths

Along with the old search options for data paths (searching over related objects) the new version of VisionR offers direct view of related objects paths in the table view. For example when viewing a company, additional column with all the company's invoices can be switched on and off. This approach enables users to browse the entire set of related data, when viewing objects (buildings, persons, contracts etc.) without having to change the current view.

Data transformation

This new powerful feature allows to replace text, number and data/time values for a whole set of selected objects in one step. Data transformation allows to copy data from one property (data "column") to another, to replace text pieces (even using regular expressions) or to insert or delete values for many objects in an instant.

Extended reporting options

The new VisionR introduces improved reporting. All data views can be exported as PDF or Microsoft Excel tables. Charts can be easily created and printed. Additional "Overview" sections enables real time reports on the selected data.