In complex software environments there are always existing systems, which need to be connected to newly installed software. Plan-Vision offers competent assistance, when interfaces between VisionR and other programs need to be implemented.
Real time data synchronization

Plan-Vision offers programming services for data synchronization in real time, when data must be transferred in real time from one database to another. Interfaces are usually programmed, using Web Service, LDAP or JDBC connections to modify data in the target database.

Scheduled data synchronization

In some cases one time data transfers are more adequate than real time data synchronizations. Plan-Vision offers programming services for scheduled data synchronization. Source formats for data transfers at predefined times (e.g. daily, monthly, weekly etc.) are:

  • Web Service (SOAP, REST,…)
  • external database (over JDBC)
  • Text format (CSV)
  • XML
  • E-Mail (ICS, MSCONS,…)
  • LDAP / ActiveDirectory
  • Drawings as DWG/DXF or PDF

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