Data migration


Data migration

Plan-Vision offers assistance for data migration, backed-up by it’s extensive know-how on the field.

Usually when installing a VisionR system for the first time, a number of existing data sources happen to be available in the customer’s network (other databases, Microsoft Excel sheets, text files). Plan-Vision helps it’s customer gather the available information and import it into the new VisionR database. Run time connectivity over JDBC interfaces or scheduled imports and exports are also an option, where Plan-Vision offers it’s assistance, backed-up by it’s extensive know-how on the field.

Database migration

Plan-Vision offers migration services, when database informations (schema and data) must be transferred from one vendor specific RDBMS to another (e.g. from Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL). Database migration is usually planned and executed only once. For more information on real time data transfer refer to the section “Interfaces”.

Data migration

Plan-Vision offers data migration services for data, contained in files in following formats:

  • Microsoft Excel sheets
  • Text files (CSV)
  • XML files
  • Drawings as DWG/DXF or PDF
  • Web Service (SOAP, REST,…)
  • External database (over JDBC)
  • LDAP / ActiveDirectory

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