Major features

Major features

VisionR is a next generation enterprise data management solution targeted at medium and large, but also small enterprises, which have identified their need to have their data organized in a consistent, scalable and flexible manner. In order to do so, VisionR exposes some unique features that rival software solutions still fail to support.

VisionR server is extremely flexible thanks to the abstract object definitions that are the foundation of the underlying business and system model. Object definitions provide abstract notion of object-relational structure, separate from the underlying database backend.

This enables the system with highly customizable data model. As a result the process of adaptation of existing definitions and implementation of customer-specific extensions is extremely simplified and optimized.

The approach used with VisionR defines the business model in terms of abstract set of object definitions. It enables scaling of existing models and simplified process of applying schema changes on the fly.

In addition, VisionR Server may also simultaneously utilize one or more database back-ends. Each database can be of different type (i.e. Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, DB2 etc.) allowing the interconnection of different data sources.


VisionR is a modular system that has its features organized in modules serving different needs. There are the Core, Web and Library modules that serve as foundation for all other appliances. Different VisionR modules serve different needs such as managing Invoices, Energies, Contacts etc.

As a result any VisionR based solution is a combination of several modules, which enables rapid application development and cost effective solutions including only those modules that the customer has use of.


Data stored within VisionR Server is organized in a way to keep the application performance while the amounts of data imported into the system scales. It enables arbitrary number of business object definitions while the performance stays the same for wide system queries.

While other software solutions use direct object-relational mapping of the business model to the underlying database structure, VisionR uses innovative approach to data storage, so that the underlying database backend is efficiently utilized to provide rapid delivery of data.

As a result, any VisionR based solution can scale in terms of expanding business model and increased amounts of data managed by the system. VisionR implements multiple level caching approach so that data is rapidly delivered at all levels of the system.

Cost effectiveness

VisionR server is incredibly cost effective. Thanks to the modular approach and the flexible licensing approach, VisionR can match the needs of medium and large scale enterprises. Small enterprises kann use the On-demand solutions with VisionR for a monthly fee.

Since the server is based on open technologies, the complete installation of a VisionR System costs only the license of the VisionR Modules and the costs to maintain the hardware needed.

Depending on the customer's needs, parts of the system such as the underlying database backend may be substituted with commercial enterprise solutions (such as Oracle, Windows Server, etc).

Customization costs are kept low because of the simple way of implemeting new object definitions and customer specific business logic.

Intuitive interface

VisionR is a web based solution (AJAX based) - users can log on to the server application using any major web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera) without additional prerequisites (i.e. software to be installed per workstation). The only requirement is to have the browser enabled with JavaScript.

The interface is based on a common set of GUI widgets, thus providing standardized view to underlying data. It implements basic views such as tree, table and form view.

The interface can also be extended with additional views to server customers' specific needs.