VisionR® Framework

VisionR® Framework

VisionR can be used as a development environment. Targeting group for the VisionR Framework solution are software developing companies. Developing in VisionR means making simple definitions and scripting.
VisionR Server +VisionR Built-in Modules =VisionR Framework

VisionR Server together with the VisionR Built-in modules can be used as a development environment in order to create new functionalities and modules.

A developing team can fully profit from the built-in features of the system and the power of the VisionR Script language.

Some of the standard features making development fast and easy are:

  • Powerful scripting language (VisionR Script) with:
    • direct access to the database in object oriented manner
    • scheduler functions
    • e-mail functions
  • Data libraries
  • Widget libraries
  • Integrated access management