Module “Communications”

Module "Communications"

The most important part of this module is the built-in e-mail-client, which enables VisionR to automatically send e-mail to the participants of a process in every other VisionR module. The e-mail function can be triggered either by system events (status changes, cost changes etc.) or by scheduled tasks (defined in the module "Scheduler").

The module "Communications" is part of every VisionR installation. It contains definitions for e-mail, SMS and online messaging. All e-mail notifications from other VisionR modules are stored in this module. VisionR has a built-in e-mail client, which sends automatically all e-mail messages with status "ready to send". Reports, reminders, confirmations and other messages can be generated either by user interaction or by a scheduled task. There is an archive of all sent messages. There is a success check on sending messages for solving problems on failed connections with the messaging servers. Invoices, images or other documents can be attached to the messages sent.

Functional overview
  • sending of messages: e-mail, SMS, online messages
  • built-in e-mail client
  • reports, reminders, confirmations as e-mail
  • e-mail generation either by user interaction or by scheduled task
  • archive of sent messages
  • success check and retry on send
  • attaching documents to the e-mail messages:(PDF, images, scanned documents, text documents)

Technical details

  • optional interface for SMS
  • import of e-mails from XML