Module “User management”

Module "User management"

The standard installation of VisionR includes default user groups with read and write access to the included modules. Custom user groups can be easily created. User access is role based and hierarchical. On creating a new user group existing access rights are inherited from existing ones. This makes the whole process of managing user access rights very simple.

VisionR has a role based access management. Users have user accounts, which are grouped in user groups. User groups are structured hierarchically, so that access rights can be inherited. This saves time, when setting detailed access rights. The standard installation of VisionR contains a number of predefined user roles. Custom user groups, containing additional access rights can be easy created and managed by the customer. There are predefined authentication mechanisms, such as: login form, automatic login over Active Directory Server, login over URL string.

Functional overview
  • role based access management
  • hierarchical structure, enabling inheritance of access rights
  • predefined set of user roles in the standard VisionR installation
  • authentication with login form
  • authentication over Active Directory Server
  • authentication over URL string (POST and GET)

Technical details

  • system user groups, such as: administrators, everyone, e-mail, scheduler
  • a person can have multiple user accounts
  • multiple authentication mechanisms in the same installation possible (login form + Active Directory login + URL login)
  • NTLM authentication with Kerberos