Module “Scripting interface”

Module "Scripting interface"

The VisionR scripting language has access to every module in the system. Actions like sending an e-mail, generating a chart or creating a complex data report are triggered by running a VisionR Script.

The built-in module "Scripting interface" allows the creation and execution of VisionR Scripts (VSC). The scripting language has a JavaScript similar syntax. It has access to all database objects, e-mail notifications, chart creation etc. This powerful language and its vast APIs enables the description of any custom work flow. The execution of VisionR Scripts can be triggered either by VisionR database events ("on update object", "on update value" etc.), or by user interface events ("on click", "on change value" etc.), or by scheduled tasks, or manually by system administrators. VisionR scripts can be mixed with HTML in *.VSP-files (VisionR Server Pages). This technique enables the creation of dynamic content in an easy way.

Functional overview
  • scripting language for manipulating the database (VisionR Script)
  • access to database objects, e-mail, chart creation etc.
  • enables description of custom workflows
Technical details
  • JavaScript similar syntax
  • HTML + VSC = VSP (VisionR Server Pages)
Script execution triggers
  • database events ("on update object", "on update value" etc.)
  • user interface events ("on click", "on change value" etc.)
  • scheduled tasks
  • manual execution by system administrators