Module “Reporting”

Module "Reporting"

Interactive reporting is part of the VisionR system. A print view (table view, sum overview, charts) can be generated on every mask in the application in different output formats, such as HTML, PDF, Microsoft Excel, XML or CSV (text).

The module "Reporting" offers extensive tools for analysing and evaluating data stored in the VisionR database. There is a set of built-in reports. User defined reports can be easily created as sum overviews, charts, table views etc. Automatically generated reports can be attached to scheduled e-mail notifications. Reporting over external databases is also possible, when third party databases are described in the VisionR "Core" module. Export data from reports can be easily transformed in different formats, using the VisionR Stylesheet Language (VSL).

Functional overview
  • interactive reporting
  • standard reports on every VisionR mask
  • printable reports
  • sum overviews
  • charts
  • reporting over external data sources
  • auto generated reports as attachment to e-mail
  • reports as HTML, PDF, Microsoft Excel, CSV, XML
Technical details
  • export in different formats through VSL-transformations
  • easy to create custom reports