Module “Core”

Module "Core"

This module is the center of the VisionR system. Standard functionalities like defining new objects or creating additional properties to the existing objects are part of this module. Interfaces to existing databases, language activation and log-in procedures are also part of the core module.

The VisionR module "Core" is the first module to be loaded on system boot-up. It contains all basic informations needed to run the VisionR software. Customizing the software means in most cases to change the definitions, described in the "Core" module. This module contains description of all other modules, data objects and their properties.

There is a language list of all official languages. Activating a language from the list makes it available on every VisionR mask. The module contains a list of the relational databases (RDBMS), which are used for the particular installation. VisionR supports storing in and retrieving data from multiple database instances from different vendors in a single installation. All used database tables and columns are visible in an administration mask.

In addition to the standard data types (integer, double, text etc.), VisionR supports its own data types, such as: international text, relation, option, multiple text etc. Those extra data types are extremely useful when creating new object definitions with custom properties. The number of new object definitions and properties (imagine them as "tables" and "columns") is unlimited. Only performance must be taken into consideration.

VisionR contains descriptions of all interactions (object events) in the module "Core". There are VisionR database events, such as "on object update", "on value update", "on value insert" etc. Those events trigger the execution of VisionR scripts. In this way a simple description of processes makes customizing the software easy and cost effective. The event scripts can be compared to database triggers. The advantage of the VisionR Script technique is, that it runs on every database, without need to be rewritten in vendor specific trigger language.

Functional overview
  • hierarchical schema (object dictionary):"modules" > "object definitions" > "properties"
  • management of unlimited number of object definitions
  • management of unlimited properties for the object definitions
  • full overview of all system settings in an administration mask
  • object relational mapping (ORM) for multiple relational databases from different vendors
  • language support for all official languages (ISO standard)
  • object interaction through VisionR events: "on update object", "on update value", "on insert value" etc.
  • easy integration of existing databases
  • automatic indexing for better query performance
  • user interactions trigger object queries, which are automatically translated into SQL
  • adding new objects and properties without knowledge of SQL
Technical details
  • object definitions as XML
  • updating object definitions in the live system
  • sophisticated caching mechanism for best performance