Module “Web-CAD”

Module "Web-CAD"

This is a module for vector graphics. You can manage multiple CAD drawings (e.g. floor plans, technical drawings etc.).  All graphical data is stored in a database. You can bind graphical objects with data and later search and generate reports over people, spaces, inventory etc. No special client is needed. Drawings are viewed and edited directly in a browser.

The VisionR module "Web-CAD" is used to manage vector graphics data online. Vector graphics are organized in drawings. There is read and write access to graphical layers and layer groups. Simultaneous editing of drawings by different users is possible. Drawings are saved in an editable hierarchical tree view. All drawing elements (point, line, polygon) can be attached to data from all other VisionR modules. The module can be used to manage site maps or floor plans with data visualization. Images and scanned documents can be attached in the drawings. Search and highlighting function provide graphical visualization for facility data. Navigation between the drawings can provide view in different scales (e.g. country > location > building > space > inventory).

Functional overview
  • management of vector graphics online
  • drawings in different scales
  • management of site maps, floor plans and other drawing types
  • intelligen graphical objects for spaces, persons, inventory, moves etc.
  • saved views, layer combinations (layer groups) with color highlighting
  • attachment of images and scanned documents
  • hierarchical drawing view
  • read and write access for drawing layers
  • simultaneous editing of drawings by different users
  • print/export with PDF/XLS-templates
  • intelligent styling from templates (colors, transparency, size etc.)
Technical details
  • Geotools used for the graphics-engine
  • points, lines, polygons, text are saved in a PostGIS database
  • all drawing properties can be adjusted to the customer's needs
  • layout changes are possible
  • complete internationalisation
User roles
  • Viewer
    has read access to drawings
  • Designer
    has write access to a set of drawings and layers;

    can attach data to the graphical elements

  • Drawing administrator
    can create new drawings and layers;

    can edit access rights for drawings

  • Import/export in DXF/SVG format
  • Print drawings as PDF/JPG/PNG/TIFF
References to other VisionR modules
  • all other VisionR Modules

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