Module “Contracts”

  Module "Contracts"

This module provides extensive tools for managing different types of contracts (leasing, maintenance, cleaning contracts etc.). There are built-in procedures for automatic contract renewal, e-mail reporting over contracts due to be cancelled etc. There is a complete overview over contract costs, activities (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). The module can be both used to manage existing contracts or to plan and optimise your costs.

The module "Contracts" is used to manage different types of contracts. Contracts can be attached to multiple locations. There are different hierarchical views for contracts (e.g. over contracting party, customer, location etc.). Contract activities and activity costs are attached to the contracts. Activities can be grouped to define Service Level Agreements (SLA). Overviews and notifications on expiring contracts provide contract status tracking. Contract data can be copied from predefined standard contract forms.

Functional overview
  • contract management for different contract types
  • contracts in many locations
  • contract activities and contract costs
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • contract management in many languages possible
  • hierarchical views over contracting party, customer, location etc.
  • contract status tracking
  • automatic contract renewal / cancellation on the day of expiration
  • automatically generated lists for contracts due to expire
  • contract and contract activity costs in different currencies
  • all important contract changes (e.g. status, costs, renewal etc.) are archived
  • extensive reporting
  • cost optimization through contract comparing
Technical details
  • all contract properties can be adjusted to the customer's needs
  • layout changes are possible
  • automatically generated e-mails on contract changes possible
  • complete internationalization
  • contract and activity types are extendable
  • archiving can be switched on/off for any contract property
User roles
  • Contracting party

    has access only to the own contracts

  • Contracts administrator

    can change all contract data

  • Module user

    has only access only to the contracts attached to the data in the used module

  • Contract reports as automatically generated e-mail
  • Link to budgets
  • Link to invoices
  • Link to tenders / offers
  • Management of orders for the contract activities
  • Additional reporting on cost development
References to other VisionR modules
  • Costs / Budgets
  • Invoices
  • Biddings (tenders / offers)
  • Orders
  • Maintenance
  • Helpdesk
  • Online shop

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