Module “Documents”

   Module "Documents"

The VisionR module "Documents" provides a Document Management System (DMS) with a complete server-side virtual file system. It supports document versioning and access rights to folders and files. Files are uploaded, viewed and linked in a user friendly manner.

The VisionR module "Documents" provides a powerful tool for managing documents online. The uploaded documents can be linked to every object in all other VisionR modules. The built-in access management defines read, insert, update, delete and archive user rights. Browsing through the virtual file system on the server is as easy as using a local operating system. An uploaded document can have many versions in different languages.

Following views make working with documents in VisionR fast and easy:
  • tree view
  • table view
  • paged row view
  • tile view
Functional overview
  • server-side virtual file system (folder / document structure)
  • creating, deleting and archiving of folders and documents
  • upload of all kinds of file formats
  • access rights to the uploaded files: read, insert, update, delete and archive
  • documents versions
  • user friendly document views
Technical details
  • all document properties can be adjusted to the customer's needs
  • layout changes are possible
  • automatically generated e-mail on document changes (document tracking)
  • complete internationalization
  • document archiving
User roles
  • Normal userhas read access to the own uploaded documents and to documents with access right "everyone"
  • Module userdocuments are usually linked to object in other VisionR modules;users of those modules have read/write access to these documents
  • Administratorhas read/write access to all documents
  • Plug-in viewers
References to other VisionR modules
  • all other VisionR modules

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