Module “Projects”

  Module "Projects"

This module allows managing details on various project types. Project participants can be single persons, project teams or companies. Each participant is notified per e-mail on project status changes according to his role in the project. Project tasks and milestones are visible in a project calendar.

The VisionR module "Projects" is used to manage different kinds of projects. There is a definition for project tasks and milestones. Project participants can be grouped in teams. E-mail notifications are sent on project status changes. Project tasks are hierarchically structured to help visualise dependencies. There are different project roles, such as project managers, supervisors, team members and task performers. Projects can be linked to budgets and invoices in order to track the project costs.

Functional overview
  • management of various project types
  • hierarchically structured project tasks
  • project teams
  • special access for contractors, participating in a project
  • calendar overview of tasks and milestones
  • different views for special roles (manager, supervisor, team member, task performer)
Technical details
  • all project and task properties can be adjusted to the customer's needs
  • layout changes are possible
  • automatically generated e-mails on project changes possible
  • complete internationalisation
  • project types are extendable
User roles
  • Project manager
    can change all project data for his project
  • Team member
    can change data of their task
  • Task performer
    can change data of his task
  • Supervisor
    can monitor task status
  • Project administrator
    has access to all projects and tasks
  • Special access for external contractors
  • Linking to budgets
  • Linking to invoices
  • Linking to orders
  • Linking to contracts
References to other VisionR modules
  • Costs / Budgets
  • Invoices
  • Appointments
  • Orders
  • Constructions

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