Module “Helpdesk”

  Module "Helpdesk"

This module is used to manage different types of online requests (notices). There is an extendable predefined set of notification forms, which can be easily embedded into an existing website. Work orders, material orders and invoices are automatically generated and attached to the requests. Standard definitions of work flows help minimize processing time. There is a link to the customer's facilities, giving a complete maintenance cost overview.

The module "Helpdesk" is used to handle different types of online requests (notices). Notice importance and execution deadlines help better coordinate a request. Notice forms can be attached to existing web sites.

When a reporter fills out a notification form a predefined work flow is triggered. Responsible persons or teams (coordinators) are automatically informed. System-generated e-mail notifications keep all participants of the process up-to-date on the current status.

Request coordinators can attach material and work orders. VisionR users can add notifications on behalf of other reporters (helpdesk over e-mail or phone). Notifications can be linked to facilities in order to have a complete overview of maintenance costs. Standard workflows can be defined in order to fill out automatically responsibilities for handling user requests. When people, responsible for parts of the workflow are missing (e.g. on vacation) representatives have access to their data.

Functional overview
  • management of different types of requests (notices)
  • user requests trigger workflows
  • handling according to importance
  • status tracking via e-mail
  • predefined workflows for faster processing and better cost overview
  • requests (notices) on behalf of other persons
  • data views according to the role (initial reporter, coordinator, contractor)
  • material and work orders are attached to the requests
  • overview of workflow costs
  • calendar view of deadlines
Technical details
  • request forms can be easily embedded into existing web sites
  • notice types are extendable
  • all notice properties can be adjusted to the customer's needs
  • layout changes are possible
  • complete internationalization
  • archiving can be switched on/off for any notice property
User roles
  • Initial reporter

    fills out a notification form;

    can fill out a notification for other persons

  • Coordinator

    can change the status of notifications they are responsible for;

    can add material and work orders

  • Contractor

    has online access to the notifications they are responsible for handling

  • Administrator

    has write access to all notifications

  • link to maintenance contracts and facilities
  • link to budgets
  • link to invoices
  • additional reporting on cost development
References to other VisionR modules
  • Costs / Budgets
  • Maintenance
  • Invoices
  • Orders
  • Contents (CMS)

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